Outstanding community service deserves to be seen!

Valmar has been part of the Tumut community for almost half a century, providing a wide range of aged care and disability support services. Geographically the organisation covers the ACT, Riverina-Southwest Slopes and Southern Tablelands areas of New South Wales. Valmar has experienced outstanding growth while also managing its way through the turbulance of the NDIS and Aged Care Reforms. 

Valmar engaged EWO to assist with ensuring its branding reflected the quality of service delivered to its clients.

A Diverse Service

At the heart of Valmar's success is a genuine commitment to respecting and caring for people as individuals, to ensure they achieve a high quality of life. The organisation is built on 'country values' and community-centric care.

The challenge for Valmar's branding is to communicate the energy and values of the organisation across the diverse environments of aged care, disability care and transport.  For instance, how should the organisation communicate rapport with young disability clients while ensuring elderly clients feel equally welcome and involved?

Linking Community

The logo and colour palette created for Valmar imparts energy, openness and fluidity which is reflective of the organisation. Logo elements are simplified to ensure flexibility in application across media requirements such as building signage, digital, clothing and vehicles.

The blue colour palette echos both youth (light blue) and stability (dark blue) and maintains an overall feeling of reliability and authenticity.

The strapline 'Linking Community' emerged during the logo exploration phase and resonated strongly with the Valmar team.  It has been adopted into the strategic messaging of the organisation.  


Imagery that moves

A picture paints a 1000 words and therefore an imagery strategy was recommended for communicating Valmar's value across its diverse service offering.  Imagery reflects Valmar being part of people's daily lives.  It is deliberately emotive, positive and community-based.  Locals recognise many of the iconic places in the background of the images. A mix of black and white and colour images are used to invoke a contemporary setting.


How we perceived ourselves, just as much as how the public saw us, had to be redefined as the foundation stone of our growth into an agile "competition ready", but mission driven, community organisation.

Hugh Packard, CEO Valmar

Behind the Scenes



Imagery reflects people living with empowerment and independence.



Showcasing operational areas at Valmar to potential supported employees.



Careful consideration was given to the font to ensure the right impact.



The staff are thrilled with the impact of the branding across their workplace.



The client embraced the opportunity to showcase the quality of life within their community.

Annual Report

Annual Report

The new design direction gives scope for vibrant and creative communication.

"Eyes Wide Open have enabled brand awareness to become a staff-wide responsibility and in doing so has meant that all the business is engaged in the journey."

Jeff Jones, CEO Total Construction

"EWO excelled from helping to clarify our strategy and message right through to the development of exceptional digital and physical branding for Xacom."

Matt Kirwan-Hamilton, Chairman Xacom

"Without that work completed with EWO we certainly wouldn’t have been in the good position we are in now to expand to the next level."

David Crampton, Vantage Freight

"The staff at EWO are very friendly, patient, eager to please and very good at what they do. We gladly recommend EWO as we are very happy with the final product and very much value the relationship built with EWO team members along the way. "

Mandy Glendenning, National Business Manager ATEL

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