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Targeted Re-Branding: Sweet Medicine for Sue Liu's Business

Is this targeted re-branding just marketing with smoke and mirrors? Not according to the experiences of Sue Liu from Zulu Communications. Recent changes in her approach to branding has unlocked valueable opportunities for her business.

After 3 difficult years building her boutique marketing communications company, ?Zulu Communications, Sue considered the option of closing the business and going back to a "day job".

"I'd developed some great projects with some interesting clients and still loved what I did. I was just struggling to get the business to the next level? it was really starting to affect my enthusiasm."

Instead of giving up, Sue examined her track record and realised that a large percentage of Zulu's clients were in the medical services and healthcare industry. Sue had developed valuable understanding and experience in the industry and a natural affinity with these clients.

Sue then participated in a Goal Setting Workshop run by Eyes Wide Open (EWO).

"The workshop helped me to step back and view what wasn't - and was - working and identify how to then focus on our strengths and use them to better advantage. Clarity gained through participating in the workshop certainly led to the development of Medibiz Marketing."

Sue decided to refocus her marketing on this medical niche. She started with a targeted business name: ?Medibiz Marketing. Sue continues to run Zulu Communications, and has set up Medibiz Marketing with its own identity represented by a logo, business cards, letterheads and other marketing tools. There is a strong consistency in values and quality between the 2 brands reflecting the consistency of service provided across the business

Sue launched Medibiz Marketing in July and has seen immediate results including positive industry feedback, a new project, and introductions to a number of other potential projects/clients.

"Establishing the targeted Medibiz Marketing brand made perfectly logical sense to me. It's more appropriate to be dealing with medical and healthcare businesses as Medibiz Marketing. There's an immediate perception and a confidence that we really understand the nature of their business and that we've taken the time to know them and their industry."

Medical services companies feel more comfortable dealing with Medibiz. There's a perception that we really understand their business, their unique problems. That we've taken the time to know them and their industry.

Is this targeted re-branding just marketing with smoke and mirrors?

No. Sue's experience and understanding with this market is genuine. She had worked hard to build that niche knowledge. All Sue has done with Medibiz Marketing is package and express her service in a way that made sense to the niche market .

Sue found an opportunity by "looking in" - analysing her own business with the objective assistance of EWO. The solution came from focussing on the niche market and understanding the medical services industry. It might not sound as funky a name as Zulu Communications, but Medibiz Marketing achieves many benefits:

  • descriptive and prescriptive - you immediately know what they specialise in
  • effective - achieves this with minimum words & is easy to remember
  • differentiates Medibiz from all competitors
  • positions the company as the only specialist, and therefore the leader, in the niche market

Great branding. Great tonic for a stagnating business.

Sue has discovered many intangible benefits also:

"It's given me a lot more confidence and renewed enthusiasm. I can clearly differentiate between Medibiz and Zulu clients now and this has helped me with both sides of the business. Plus, if I can successfully demonstrate the effectiveness of my work, then this is a powerful marketing tool for me as I'm leading by example. Anyone looking for an effective and dependable service appreciates dealing with someone who practises what they preach!"

It's interesting to note the role an outside consultant like EWO played in Sue's re-branding process.

"I have gotten to know Kirrily (Managing Director of EWO) over the last 3 years and have great respect for her role as a facilitator and her ability to help draw out some of the tricky issues - issues that us business owners would much prefer to be kept under wraps or in the too hard basket. She has a great knack for setting stressed out people at ease - and approaching issues with confidence and assurance. She also has developed some great tools and resources that are very useful for stepping through issues."

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