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Successful Australian Entrepreneurs: Effective Relief for New Parents

We all draw inspiration from entrepreneurs who are willing to take the road less travelled and deliver new products and services that really benefit our community.  In this article we showcase a company called Babybliss which was created because the owner, Jo Ryan, wanted to use her skills and knowledge to help new parents gain greater enjoyment from their new arrivals.

Jo Ryan is the founder of a company called Babybliss which provides 'in-house' support and advice to parents on all aspects of baby and child care. The methods used by Babybliss have been developed by Jo over 20 years and cover settling, feeding, sleeping, stimulating, child care options and establishing routines. Babybliss offers a range of services from one-off consultations to the development and monitoring of routines, ongoing advice and telephone support. Jo also gives talks to Mothers Groups and has written articles for online parenting magazines.

In the 14 months since Babybliss was launched, Jo has consulted with over 70 parents and has achieved a 100% success rate with her sleeping techniques. Clients of Babybliss include renowned food stylist Donna Hay, Marie Claire magazine editor Jackie Frank and Instyle editor Nicky Briger.

Jo helped me enormously with Angus", said Donna Hay. She advised me on weaning and settling at a time when I was finding it very hard to establish a routine that would allow me to eventually return to work. Jo continues to provide a wealth of information, advice and support to me even though Angus is nearly 2 years old and I look forward to getting her advice with my new baby.

Jo Ryan has a long history of working with children and their parents. A registered nurse for nearly 20 years, (many of those years spent working in paediatrics), she has also worked as a full-time, live-in and live-out nanny both in Australia and overseas. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Public Health, focusing on home visiting and support services for mothers. 

So, why did Jo decide to step out on her own and start Babybliss?

"I wanted to do something I loved and that I felt was contributing to the community in a very positive way. I wanted to be in control of my career. Also I felt there was a HUGE gap that was begging to be filled.

My vision is to grow Babybliss to be the most reputable and well-known parenting support service in NSW and eventually Australia. I would like for all parents to be able to access our service in some way if they needed to."

While there is obvious demand for the services of Babybliss, growth still has its challenges as Jo has identified.

"We need to educate people about the value of our services.  Babybliss is a professional consultancy not a baby sitting service. We continue to refine our marketing messages to ensure people understand what we do and our differentiation. Also time management and productivity is an issue that requires a lot of focus.  It's a people intensive business and profitability is directly impacted by our ability to manage time and interaction with families."

Jo Ryan and Babybliss provide an outstanding example of entrepreneurial spirit being engaged to the benefit of the community.  We look forward to tracking her progress toward her vision.

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