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SEO Case Study: Winning with Online Marketing


Business was progressing steadily for Steve Champion, director of ER Strategies, an employee resource consultancy company based in North Sydney. As it was, most of his clients came by word of mouth—fantastic evidence of the quality of his work—but not always enough business to achieve all of his goals. His website wasn’t his priority. He didn’t think it could do any more than just book-mark his place in cyber-space.

“We presumed that only the big hitters could make their web presence felt,” says Champion. But fortunately, he was happy to be proved wrong.


For Champion, turning to an outside source for help was a tough decision. Cost effectiveness was his main concern. He wanted someone who understood the unique pressures of a small business. When he approached Eyes Wide Open (EWO), a small business consultancy company in Sydney, he was initially skeptical about their ideas on how to build business using the internet.

“When a small business owner comes to us for advice, they want to know exactly what they’re paying for and what they’ll get,” says Kirrily Dear, Development Director of EWO. Many small business owners assume that deep pockets are needed in order to list visibly on popular search engines. But fortunately, there are other ways to make sure your website is working for you, and at minimal cost.


It was clear that Champion’s website wasn’t drawing any attention. “The only enquiries we got from our website were actually time wasting. We weren't hitting our target market,” he says. He was intrigued when he learned about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

“Prior to working with EWO, I’m not sure I even knew SEO existed. I thought that listing with Google was about all we could do. Or, spend lots of money to get on the top left of the search results through paid advertising,” he says

If done smartly, Search Engine Optimisation is an extremely beneficial way to bring more visitors to your website. And more visitors mean more enquiries and more business leads. Since each business is unique, the best strategy for performing SEO on a website is always different.

In Steve’s case there were two main components that greatly altered the success of his site:

Honing in on niche traffic
After an in-depth analysis of search terms and keywords, Steve’s website was able to spotlight a number of terms that were being overlooked by the big hitters. He benefited from using these phrases and words on his website.

Streamlining navigation
Steve’s website was unclear and difficult to get around. After a revise and restructure, visitors can now find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.


It’s early days, but ER Strategies is already seeing results. “We weren’t communicating clearly before. Having a good message isn’t enough. People need to know how to find you, and the web is an important way to make that happen,” he says. Now Champion is receiving queries through his website that are leading to real business. “In fact, our most recent client told us that because we had our act together online, that we were likely to be savvy enough for his needs,” he says.

* Testimonial/Case Study written with the approval of Steve Champion, director of ER Strategies.

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"Eyes Wide Open have enabled brand awareness to become a staff-wide responsibility and in doing so has meant that all the business is engaged in the journey."

Jeff Jones, CEO Total Construction

"EWO excelled from helping to clarify our strategy and message right through to the development of exceptional digital and physical branding for Xacom."

Matt Kirwan-Hamilton, Chairman Xacom

"Without that work completed with EWO we certainly wouldn’t have been in the good position we are in now to expand to the next level."

David Crampton, Vantage Freight

"The staff at EWO are very friendly, patient, eager to please and very good at what they do. We gladly recommend EWO as we are very happy with the final product and very much value the relationship built with EWO team members along the way. "

Mandy Glendenning, National Business Manager ATEL