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Sales Lead Generation: Clear Communication Hits the Target

The Client's Need.

Pacific Labels is a self-adhesive labels specialist based in Wyong, NSW with both corporate and medium sized clients.  Pacific Labels required more leads for their sales reps and to increase business in a particular market segment.

Pacific Labels General Manager, Brian Went, said "We were looking to increase our client base in a niche market area by promoting a relatively new product plus our expertise. Not having the resources ( nor perhaps all the expertise in Marketing ) we called on Eyes Wide Open  to co-ordinate our efforts, research the targeted Industry, submit options, including costings for various ideas such as mail-outs, call centre tests, advertising in Industry journals and Trade days / exhibitions,prospect lists.

To date we have found these initiatives are showing great promise of succeeding in our targeted market and we will then be moving forward to our next project as we determine the most successful approaches to our prospects."

The Solution.

After some quick research into why Pacific Labels clients use them, we developed the key benefits to prospects and a clear differentiation of Pacific Labels for its particular market.

We then tweaked their marketing messages and designed a pilot direct mail campaign to "cold" prospects.  A letter was written that offered a hook for prospects to get interested in.  The hook was something of value to prospects as opposed to being some irrelevant promotional product like a pen or stress ball.  Based on Pacific Labels' cost-effective solutions and experience we devised a simple guide for the prospects that would appeal to their cost-savings needs.  This was used as the giveaway and was our focal point used to attract interest and attention from the cold contact list.

The Results.

A campaign was conducted just prior to Christmas last year, not a great time to send mailers out. Pacific Labels achieved a 20% response rate from the letters alone.  We are now moving ahead with other lead generation programs across all their markets as well as developing clear direct and response-based communications for all their marketing material including an email newsletter to keep prospects, clients and partners familiar with Pacific Label's value, website content and advertising.

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