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Regional Small Business Growth : Wodonga Business Tops Victoria

Regional centres are proving to be hotbeds for business excellence.

Wodonga Chartered Accountants and Financial Planning firm, BMG Partners, enjoys an excellent reputation within this region as a forward thinking service firm and employer. It has now been benchmarked against the best in the state in the 2004 Workplace Excellence Awards and was selected as one of top three finalists for the Award for a workplace with fewer than 100 employees.

While BMG did not take out the major award in their category, they were the recipients of a Highly Commended Award that had been created to recognise their achievements in Workplace Excellence. BMG Partners was the only finalist from all categories to receive this award commendation.

In response to a question about the importance of this award, the CEO of BMG Partners, Stephen Mamouney explained, The award process presented to us an opportunity to review our workplace culture and practices, and test them against Industry Best Standards.

'While the "reason to be" of BMG is to provide great service and quality advice to our clients, success is dependent on the effectiveness of the people in our team - the most vital asset that BMG possesses.

'In recognising this, much effort and resources have been invested to create a harmonious, collaborative and dynamic partnership with our employees. As a result, our clients' experience being cared for by a team (who see themselves as key stakeholders of BMG) dedicated to serving the clients of the firm. In addition, not only does our current team value their work environment but we are able to attract quality enquiries from others keen to work for BMG'.

BMG Partners is a positive example of what can be done with a strong focus on valuing all stakeholders in a business and providing them with strong strategic direction.

Congratulations to BMG Partners.

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