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Lead Generation Quadrupled: Success for Adapt Training

Adapt Training is a specialised training and coaching organisation with a focus on increasing productivity in the workplace through smarter use of technologies such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and handheld devices. Working with big corporate clients such as Commonwealth Bank, Fuji Xerox, and Pfizer, they mainly obtained new clients through word of mouth and recognised the potential of increasing their clientele through implementing stronger marketing methods.

The Project

Eyes Wide Open were engaged to build the client's reputation and client base, which we did through the development of a strong marketing and business strategy; establishment of professional branding; and review of the client's printed and online marketing collateral.

The project included the following components:

  • Analysis of previous marketing collateral content
  • Review of content and design of printed collateral
  • Review of website content
  • Redesign and structure of website
  • Implementation of Keep in Touch program.

The Solution

Working closely with the client, we revised the messaging within the client's printed collateral which had previously been created and managed in-house. After finalising the client's key marketing messages, we redesigned the items to ensure that the information was displayed in a logical, professional, manner.

Once the review of Adapt's printed collateral was complete, we started the review of the website design and structure. As the previous Adapt website had generated just one lead in five years, we identified the need to develop a stronger web presence both in terms of content and layout that would help not only attract, but convert, potential clientele.

We built the new Adapt Training website on the Business Catalyst Content Management System (CMS), which allows the client to easily manage content updates and imagery. Additionally, we integrated an email based keep-in touch-program which allows the client to stay in contact with current and potential clients, thus increasing reputation and keeping front-of-mind. The CMS allows the client to easily manage the content and distribution of these email campaigns, and also provides statistical information relating to the recipients engagement with the campaign - vital knowledge to ensure campaigns are relevant and interesting to their client base. 

The Results

The results speak for themselves - within one week of launch, the new Adapt Training website had paid for itself through the introduction of a major airline client requiring training services. The airline required training for its' Chief Operating Officer and discovered Adapt through a simple Google search. After reading more about the services provided by Adapt on their new website, the airline scheduled a meeting with Adapt where the brochures we had previously developed ensured a professional image was presented to the client from start to finish.

Additionally, the new sites' improved positioning within search engine results, along with more targeted and concise content of the site, has led the number of leads obtained through the website to more than quadruple.

What the Client Says

The MD of Adapt Training, Dermot Crowley, says it is a 'real pleasure' to work with EWO, emphasising his delight in being able to work in a collaborative manner with us to achieve his business vision. He adds that through our 'collaborative effort' he was able to elevate his business planning and marketing ideas to a whole new level.

Dermot notes that this project was run in a very cost effective way, and now sees Eyes Wide Open as an outsourced marketing department that truly understands the limitations that face emerging small businesses.

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