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How to Maximise Sales Through Marketing

Why Bother Marketing if it doesn’t deliver more sales?

I agree! In businesses that are targeting significant growth every dollar you spend needs to work hard to achieve the business goals.

Every day you're no doubt being hammered by marketing agencies and service providers claiming to hold the marketing 'holy grail' and if you don't spend with them, and spend 'big', then your business will fail.

It's time to cut through the hype and get to the facts.
Here is a summary of the four steps to choosing campaigns and ensuring they deliver more sales for your business. 

For the full detail on this process call 1300 793 782 to order your free copy of the 'Maximising Sales From Marketing' 4 page fact sheet.

Step 1. Identify Sales Segments & Targets

Get clear about the products and/or services where you want the most growth to take place, i.e. your high growth segments.
That may be particular products, services or customer types. Then put a dollar figure against each segment - this is your sales goal.

Step 2. Identify the Sales Challenge

For each product or service segment of your business, identify the one or two major challenges to be addressed to achieve your sales goal.  This might include meeting more prospects, getting existing customers to buy more or closing sales more effectively.

Step 3. Align Marketing Campaigns

Then design your marketing campaigns to address the sales challenges identified in Step 2. You will need to come up with at least one campaign to address each challenge.

Step 4. Set Budget and KPIs

Budget and KPIs then become logical. Your budget will be derived from how much it is worth spending to achieve the sale and the KPI will be determined from the volume of activity required, e.g. how many new prospects you need.

For the full detail on this process call 1300 793 782 to order your free copy of the 'Maximising Sales From Marketing' 4 page fact sheet.

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