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Expanding Your Client Base : Strategic conversations give John Lambert's business more than talk

Technical Focus is a recruitment business specializing in the manufacturing and supply chain sector. Like most owner and directors, John Lambert worked hard for the success Technical Focus has achieved in the last 3 years. Time to sit back and smell the roses? Not for long.

John was determined to make the most of his expanding client base. He appreciated that finding and establishing new clients was an expensive but necessary part of business - he also recognised that building the business by providing more services to existing clients was a far more profitable path to growth. Instead of investing all his time and marketing resources in finding new clients, John decided to focus on what else they could be doing for their existing clients.

A key for John was the realisation that Technical Focus is a customer-led business; therefore any improvement strategies for the business needed to start by having a conversation with clients.

While this sounds simple, it is important to make these conversations as targeted and efficient as possible. We are all busy - chats without clear objectives can often do more harm than good. The choice of words is also critical if you want to make the customer feel they are contributing to something of mutual value.

Part of our added value is the experience we gain from helping a diverse range of businesses. This allows us to adapt relevant proven ideas alongside the creative concepts we develop with you and your team. The result: a customised solution for your business.

Eyes Wide Open coached John through a research process that helped him develop strategic conversations with his clients. This provided John with the opportunity to build deeper relationships with his clients while also ensuring the process was conducted in a professional and efficient manner.

The process and strategy were tailored for John's personality, his business and his clients.

John conducted over 20 face-to-face interviews with Senior Managers who are current and potential clients. The research process and the findings have provided a significant return on investment to the business including:

1. Creating new income streams

2. Generating more business from current clients

3. Identifying opportunities and gaps not currently being serviced

4. Establishing stronger relationships and a better understanding of the needs of clients

5. Collecting quality information and material to feed a PR and industry education campaign

6. Developing a stronger, clearer business strategy which helps engage the rest of the team in the future of Technical Focus

"When I started working with EWO I was met with an even higher level of professionalism than I could ever have expected. I also gained immediate value to my business. The Eyes Wide Open investment has resulted in multiple returns over the last 4 months through totally new revenue streams." John Lambert, Technical Focus,

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