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EMERGING BUSINESS: Business Born from Backyard Tinker

We all love to hear stories of backyard inventors who strike gold.

One such story is currently unfolding on Sydney's Northern Beaches. When Garry Weir put his mind to solving a problem for a mate, he couldn't have predicted the storm of support that would follow.

A new toy for the boys is also now saving lives. Here's the story so far.

Obsessive Backyard Inventor Silences a Mate

Over the last 10 years Garry Weir has invented all sorts of products.  Each one focused on solving some simple problems experienced by Garry and his friends.  One day the conversation moved to racing simulators, the must-have toy for modern males. The friend complained that he couldn't find a portable, easily adjustable, comfortable simulator frame so Garry headed off to his shed to develop one.

The prototype of the CyberKart was snapped up by eager friends and within days there was a waiting list of buyers. Word got around and soon a business partner was onboard. Now the CyberKart is in full commercial production and distribution partners are being sought.

Realising the Market Potential

The 'target market' for the CyberKart is racing fanatics who, when they can't get their fill of racing in the real world, take their obsession online and race each other over the Internet.  With this in mind, Garry took the CyberKart along to racing meccas such as the Auto Salon expo, Wakefield Park Raceway and Summernats in Canberra. It was from these events that Garry not only sold out of all stock on hand, he also discovered the true market potential of the product.

while Garry's initial intent was to design a good solution for a friend, he ended up delivering the most realistic portable racing simulator on the market. 

  • Driving training schools have expressed interest in using CyberKart in their programs
  • Fully operational Cyberkarts are currently being used in waiting rooms and showrooms as a marketing tool
  • BOC Gases used CyberKarts at a Driver Training day
  • CyberKarts are being branded in Corporate logos and hired out for corporate functions and promotions

For more information you can visit and why not view the action video while you're there.

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