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Effective Business Management: How Michael Dinte continues landing a "hole-in-one" every day.

Anyone committed to the game of golf will know the name Dint Australia. They are an Australian, family owned company that is internationally renowned for their putters and green keeping supplies. Next time you're on the golf course look out for their brand on tee markers, putting cups, flags and signage.

Dint Australia is part of a larger business operated by the Dinte family since 1930. J. A. Dinte Pty Ltd is one of Australia's leading non-ferrous foundries supplying castings to all sectors of the engineering and golfing industry.

Currently, third generation, Michael and Anthony Dinte are running the business. With 73 years of operating history and a strong reputation to draw on it would have been easy for Michael and Anthony to continue business as usual. However in 1987, driven by the desire to make a valued contribution to the business, Michael and Anthony spearheaded the move into the golfing industry. The strategy has delivered a very healthy scorecard.

Eyes Wide Open talked with Michael Dinte recently about their success and the importance of continual learning and growth.

1. When it comes to business would you describe yourself as a person who is passionate about learning? Why?

Yes. I love the job I do, the work I'm involved in - it's like I land a hole-in-one every day -therefore I'm passionate about learning about business so that I can continue doing what I love doing successfully.

2. What benefits does it provide to your business?

The more we know as directors and managers about business the more we can teach our staff about what business is all about. We are firm believers that direction comes from the top so if we know what we are doing we can expect our staff to take a similar understanding into their daily routines

3. How do you identify what you need to learn?

By continually reading about what other people are doing in their business and how successful they are. Also our engineering business has been trading successfully for the last 73 years so we do have some idea about what we know and what we need to further learn.

4. What do you find are the most powerful sources of information and learning for you?

Direct consultation with people who are experts in their fields.

5. You have used a number of external advisers, in addition to your accountant and solicitor in the past.

Yes, management consultants and life coaches.

6. What value have these other external advisers added, particularly in supporting your learning?

They have taught us to prioritise what is really important in running a successful business. Without sounding corny I think that the real learning experience is to understand that it is important to not sweat the small stuff.

7. Recently you chose to start working with Eyes Wide Open. Why did you choose to work with EWO? What value are they adding?

I actually interviewed 5 other organisations over the last six months. I knew exactly what I was looking for and found it with Kirrily and Kirk. The understanding that they both showed in knowing where we were, had been and wanted to go was the main reason we decided to proceed with them. They are adding value to us both on a management level and a staff level. We have a regular management meeting and sometimes all staff are involved in discussion after these meetings. We already I believe had a great working relationship with our staff however the ability for them to now understand that teamwork and a good foundation is paramount for our future growth, has been a great eye-opener for all concerned.

8. Has your passion for learning about running a successful business provided any lateral benefits for your personal life?

We always knew that our families and personal lives came before business. A successful and happy personal life makes the ability to succeed in business just that little bit easier.

9. How's your golf handicap?

Next question

Don't handicap your business by not continually developing your knowledge. If you're not sure where to focus your "learning energy" give Eyes Wide Open a call on 1300 792 782.

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