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An Elegant Exit - Special Edition

At some stage all business owners will want to reduce their working hours or sell their business. However, when that time comes business owners are often confronted by the realisation that they?re inextricably tied to their business. That is, if they leave the business it will fail and the full potential of their investment will not be realised.

An Elegant Exit was originally published by Eyes Wide Open in November 2003. Based on research with business owners, it provided a powerful blueprint of the tactics people have employed to ensure they could successfully exit from their business. The report was a landmark publication since it focused on the ?mindset? issues of people going through exit rather than purely the legal or financial implications.

An Elegant Exit has made a significant contribution to thinking and action on the topic. Stories relating to, or emerging from An Elegant Exit have now been published in 20+ publications Australia-wide, including the Australian Financial Review and Law Society Journal. An Elegant Exit has also formed the centrepiece for ongoing research and the development of business strategy.

In this 33 page Special Edition, updated in 2005, we have incorporated additional research findings, case studies and updates on the tactics to provide you with a valuable resource for decision-making.

When you purchase An Elegant Exit you will:

  1. Learn that there are 2 types of business owners: Lifers and Exiters
  2. Gain insight into the costs and implications of neglecting to plan your exit
  3. Diagnose if you are a Lifer or an Exiter by completing a quick questionnaire
  4. Learn about the 6 practical tactics Exiters have used to get out of their businesses
  5. Develop your own plan using the action steps outlined with each tactic
  6. Read about case studies where people have taken the research findings and applied them to their business
  7. Review the latest statistics such as business exit success rates

You need to start developing your exit strategy now. The longer you leave it the more likely you are to fail. Get a copy of An Elegant Exit as your first strong step toward ensuring a successful exit. Then you just need to answer the very simple question: Are You In or Out?

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