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266% Growth For 65 Roses 2011

65 Roses Day is a yearly campaign run by Cystic Fibrosis Australia, a not-for-profit organisation which seeks to help Australians living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

The Project

Eyes Wide Open were engaged to increase the reach of the 65 Roses Day campaign; while additionally raising money for research and care services.

The Solution

Our initial marketing strategy focused on making a stronger connection between the general community and people living with CF. People with CF undergo difficult treatment every day to overcome their health challenges and then go on to achieve many things that people with full health only aspire to do.  Their stories are inspirational and we decided to use this to create interest in the wider community by encouraging the public to ‘Seize the Day’.

This campaign theme was then executed across all communication channels including;

  • Campaign website: A new website was developed that showcased stories and provided a range of ways for people to participate in 65 Roses Day.
  • Social media: this was a primary catalyst for campaign success, which allowed us to trickle ideas for how the public could participate and engage others. By the end of the campaign we had over 12,000 Facebook fans.
  • Online fundraising: was another channel strongly leveraged and prizes used to encourage the public's support.
  • Sponsor support: a range of advertising opportunities were provided including Community Service Announcements (CSA's), bus shelters and print advertising.

The Results

65 Roses Day continues on a strong growth path, thanks to the leveraging of social media, with a 200% growth in unsolicited donations, and an increase of 266% in overall net revenue. Additionally there was a 622% increase in traffic on (compared to 2009 metrics), and over 7000 new unique visitors to the site in May alone.

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Jeff Jones, CEO Total Construction

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Matt Kirwan-Hamilton, Chairman Xacom

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David Crampton, Vantage Freight

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Mandy Glendenning, National Business Manager ATEL